MTS Status

Mobile Ticket Specification (MTS) status and versions. The latest versions of the published specifications can be found in the Samtrafiken BoB repository.

MTSDocument TitleStatusVersion
1Mobile Ticket FormatPublished1.7.0
2Device Key DerivationPublished1.0.2
3Coordinated Ticket Name SpacePublished1.1.0
4Coordination and Key ManagementPublished1.2.3
5Proof-of-possession Authorisation TokensPublished1.0.2
6TICKLE – A Language for Ticket ValidationPublished1.1.2
7Token - ID based travellingPublished1.1.0
8Date and Time FormatsPublished1.0.1


  • Published = official version exists, ready for implementation
  • Errata exists = edits awaits a published version 
  • Final draft = almost ready for publication, ready for implementation
  • Draft = work in progress