BoB Support

Support is important to us. These wiki pages are one of our support tools. Our aim is that it will be a useful source of information for you and that it will help you understand the BoB Standard and how to implement it.

We have a variety of support and test tools.

Personal Meetings

If needed, we can arrange meetings to help you get a better understanding of BoB. Please let us know and we will arrange a meeting.

BoB Support - e-mail

You can always e-mail us any kind of BoB related questions.

Our e-mail support is open at office hours and we will respond at the latest the next workday.

Example of what BoB Support handles:

  • General BoB related questions

  • General support for implementers

  • Registration of new participant and requesting a PID

  • Applications to the Google group BoB Tech

  • Support for BoB test environment

  • Support för BoB Metadata Service

BoB Tech

BoB Tech is a Google group for discussions about BoB. This group is used for an open discussion about future changes, to gather requirements and to get a common understanding. It’s important to Samtrafiken that everyone speak their mind because we need everyones opinion to make the best decisions.

We suggest that all interested parties join this group.!forum/bob-tech

This is a closed group, to join the group send a list with email-adress(es) to

If you join the group with a google-account, you will also have access to the web user interface.

To create an open environment for discussions we have a Code of Conduct for BoB Tech.

Code of Conduct

  • All posts should be objective and pointing to the subject in matter.

  • Communication among us is friendly and professional.

  • The moderator reserves the right to remove posts considered breaking the above statements.

Remember to first initiate and clarify the common need through discussion before we talk solution. In this way we hopefully can consolidate the national common need and a solution for it that serves as an update of the national standard fulfilling us all.

BoB Tech Live

As a complement to BoB Tech we have BoB Tech Live. That’s a live meeting to be able to discuss more effective. All members of BoB Tech are invited and everyone can suggest topics to discuss. It’s a Skype meeting but you can always participate at Samtrafiken in person if you prefer that. The meeting is held at least 4 times a year.

Test Environment 

BoB-test is Samtrafiken’s test environment for BoB. Read more about it here.

Verification System

STEVE is Samtrafiken's tool for validating BoB Standard compliance, helping users to implement the standard in a correct way. Read more about it here

BoB Metadata Docker Image

Samtrafiken has developed a Docker Image of the Participant Metadata service to enable isolated interoperability testing between participants during implementation development. If you have several integrations ongoing you can run multiple instances of the Docker Image.

When the Participant Metadata service is updated, we will also update the BoB Metadata Docker Image. 

If you want to use the BoB Metadata Docker Image write an e-mail to

To be able to run the BoB Metadata Docker Image you need to have this in place:

  • Docker

  • MS SQL Server (including a database user and an empty database)

  • Unique Participant Metadata Public Key for each participant generated according to MTS 5 section 3.1 and registered in the database (Docker Image).