Samtrafiken’s tasks maintaining BoB

User support

Samtrafiken makes sure that all the users have what they need. If you don’t find what you need in these wiki-pages feel free to contact us and we will help you the best we can.

  • Support by e-mail

  • Personal support

  • These wiki pages with information about the BoB Standard and how to use it

  • Facilitate a test environment and a verification system

Read more about support here.

Facilitating an open dialog

At Samtrafiken we make sure that everyone can participate in the improvement and development of the BoB-standard. We always have the whole industry as a perspective. We have two ways to communicate suggestions and discuss changes.

  • BoB Tech - on line forum where you can discuss different topics concerning the BoB Standard.

  • BoB Tech Live - a meeting approximately every second month where we discuss changes, update each other on different subjects and have live discussions.

Both BoB Tech and BoB Tech Live is open for everyone. Are you interested in participating - send an e-mail to

Managing Participant Metadata

Samtrafiken administers the Participant IDs (PID). You can apply for a PID that you need to be able to identify your organisation when interacting through the BoB-standard. Samtrafiken also manages the Coordination Function for Metadata. This is needed to make sure you are communicating in a secure way. Read more about Metadata here.

Responsible for change management

Samtrafiken manages all changes and make sure the change process is being followed and updates the standard with all the decided changes.

We use the BoB Tech forum and the live meetings to establish a common ground. We send the change for remittance to all BoB main contacts and then we make the decision at the Change Advisory Board (CAB). The members of the Change Advisory Bord are the owners of Samtrafiken. Read more about the Change Process here.