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As a complement to BoB Tech we have BoB Tech Live. That’s a live meeting to be able to discuss more effective. All members of BoB Tech are invited and everyone can suggest topics to discuss. It’s a Skype meeting but you can always participate at Samtrafiken in person if you prefer that. The meeting is held at least 4 times a year.



A set of scripts to test BoB server implementations can be found at .

Test Environment for Clients



To request access to the test environment, please submit the following information to

  • Name

  • Affiliation

  • Email address

  • BoB AuthZ Group Requested

    • VAL = Validator

    • INS = Inspector

    • TVM = Ticket Vending Machine

    • POS = Point of Sale

    • APP = Application Backend (for requesting application keys)

    • TEST = Test (all of the above)

  • SHA1 fingerprint of self-signed certificate

Certificate Generation

To generate a self-signed certificate and show the SHA1 fingerprint using OpenSSL, you should use the following commands:



BoB-test is Samtrafiken’s test environment for BoB. Read more about it here.

Verification System

STEVE is Samtrafiken's tool for validating BoB Standard compliance, helping users to implement the standard in a correct way. Read more about it here

BoB Metadata Docker Image